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What is causing so many truck accidents in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

Texas has an unusually high number of truck accidents compared to other states. It is a large state in both mass and population, but that does not fully explain why it has a problem with truck accidents.

According to the California Business Journal, the most common cause of truck accidents is the same as with any other type of accident: speed.


Speeding is so common that most drivers will not think twice about exceeding the posted limit. However, doing so increases the chances of an accident and also enhances your chances of dying if you do crash. Speed limits are not arbitrary numbers. Authorities set them carefully considering factors such as road conditions and style and traffic patterns.

Distracted driving

Speeding is not the only thing leading to higher accident rates. Distracted driving plays a role, too. You become a distracted driver when you are not driving with your full focus on the task. Changing the radio station, talking on the phone and eating are all activities that will distract you and make it more likely that you will have an accident.

Other issues

General bad driving habits also play a part in causing more accidents. Not changing lanes properly, driving too close to other vehicles and not paying attention to road signs all can lead to a crash.

Specific to trucks, driving overloaded is a factor in many accidents. An overloaded truck handles differently than one at the correct weight. In addition, an overloaded truck poses an even bigger risk to other drivers in an accident as it makes the truck heavier, requiring more stopping time and making handling more difficult.

The high number of truck accidents in Texas is mainly due to the same factors that cause other accidents. Drivers need to be more alert and aware on roads and follow the law to help prevent crashes.