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SCI’s on the road or on the rig

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Oil Field Accidents

Driving out to the oil fields around Lubbock has its fair share of risks. Working on the oil rigs has many as well, including falls from high places. People involved in both truck accidents and falls have a chance to injure their spinal cord.

Depending on the severity, a person’s costs both in time and money may be staggering after a spinal cord injury. Understanding these timelines may be important when pursuing an accident, workplace injury or damages claim.

The odds and costs of SCIs

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, vehicle accidents and falls make up more than 70% of annual SCIs. Once anyone suffers an SCI, their average costs for the first year of surgery and recovery may average between $375,000 and $1.14 million. This does not include costs like wages lost or further costs accrued in the subsequent years.

Treatment and recovery of SCIs

Emergency and medical personnel work to keep a patient’s head and neck still to avoid further damage. Immediate treatments include medication and surgery while in the hospital and recovery at home often involves rehabilitation and ongoing care. According to the Mayo Clinic, most recovery happens within the first six months, but many patients see improvements over the first couple of years from the accident.

Solutions and compensation for SCIs

On the road or on the rig, there are many options to help victims of SCIs recover both physically and financially. Insurance may help cover things as well as workers’ compensation. When either of those sources fails to assist in a fair or appropriate manner, there are resources to help secure that compensation.