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Why is Hwy 285 so deadly?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

Highway 285 is known for being problematic. It was built many years before the trucking traffic increased significantly, and now it has issues handling the demands. The overall design is dangerous and not conducive to allowing proper and safe traffic flow for modern needs.

The Dallas Morning News explains Route 285 is the main run into and out of the oil fields, which is the main reason it has some serious issues. The highway has the local nickname “death highway.”

Truck accidents

The most common issue on this road is truck accidents. When a smaller vehicle gets tied up in an accident with a truck, the occupants of that vehicle will suffer the most severe injuries. Death is not uncommon as the weight and size of the truck inflict terrible damage on a smaller vehicle.

Truck accidents are more common when the oil industry is seeing high demand and soaring prices. When there is more need to haul oil and related industry products, there are more trucks on Hwy 285.


Truck accidents do not just occur because there are more of them on the road. There are other issues that lead to crashes and increase the chances of them occurring.

Speeding is a common problem as truckers are rushing to meet deadlines and move products. Drowsy driving is another problem due to overworking. Drivers may focus too much on getting the job done that they ignore their body’s need for sleep and rest.

Inexperienced drivers also lead to accidents. The demand for more drivers is very high, so companies put new drivers straight to work without oversight or extra training for the demands of working in the oil industry.

The state also has struggled with keeping up with the new demands. It takes time to adjust the roadway and find a solution to change the deadly nature of Hwy 285.