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The lucrative—but dangerous—Texas oil fields

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Oil Field Accidents

The Permian Basin is an oil and gas producing area in West Texas, contributing economic benefits for Texans and providing energy for the country. However, oil fields can be inherently dangerous places, especially for employees.

Increased demand has created pressure on oil companies to produce. Cutting corners with unsafe equipment or poor practices can result in a high-risk work environment for employees on these sites. Accidents in the oil field can be deadly. If your loved one has died while working in the oil industry, researching state and federal guidelines regarding wrongful death can help you to determine a course of action on your loved one’s behalf.

Texas wrongful death laws

Under Texas statutes a person’s liability for an individual’s death includes the following criteria:

  • The person is in charge of an industrial plant or machinery
  • The machinery under the person’s control is in a bad or unsafe condition
  • The person’s neglect or carelessness caused the death

Federal enforcement of oil field safety hazards

Oil and gas well operations require an extraordinarily large inventory of equipment and materials. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, reports that heavy machinery operations can account for a dangerous work environment, including:

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Explosions and fires
  • Falls
  • Confined spaces
  • High-pressure lines
  • Electrical equipment
  • Machinery
  • Toxic substances

The loss of a loved one because of a work accident is a life-altering event for you and your family. Compensation can ease financial challenges and provide for your family’s well-being in a difficult time.