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Do I get an automatic warranty on online goods?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Product Liability

Purchasing items online can feel like a risky investment. The lesser-known the platform, seller and brand, the more concerned you might feel. After all, you might have already experienced the disappointment of purchasing a product that failed to serve its intended purpose. In the worst case, you or your loved one might even suffer injuries or property damage. 

So, has the law caught up with these issues? If yes, what provisions can you expect when you purchase a defective product online? 

What are express warranties?

Inc. explains that companies can offer express warranties or guarantees to their customers. When offered, companies must stand by this promise. For example, a company that offers a money-back guarantee may need to refund your money if you do not feel satisfied with the product or service. 

Unfortunately, companies often try to weasel their way out of upholding the very warranties they brag about in ads and post on their websites. Thankfully, the FTC usually stands ready to hold companies accountable. 

What are implied warranties?

Whether the manufacturer feels confident enough in the product to offer a warranty, laws exist that create an automatic, implied warranty. This type of warranty implies the buyer should receive fair value for the price of the product and that the product should work as intended. The implied warranty also includes confirmation of the fitness of the goods sold for the intended purpose. 

Federal laws exist to address and enforce implied warranties, but state laws can also play a crucial role in strengthening consumer laws. California ranks among the top states with strong consumer protection laws. This sometimes benefits Texans who purchase goods from companies based there.