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Can pre-trip inspections prevent trucking accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Firm News

If you drive a big rig in Texas, you have probably encountered some dangerous situations on the road before. Despite the risks of your job, when you adhere to safety guidelines and practice vigilance, you can help prevent unnecessary accidents from happening.

One thing you can do to reduce your risks of an accident is to inspect your truck and your load prior to getting on the road. Making this pre-trip inspection a habitual part of your job can help minimize potential hazards.

Reduce your liability

If you have a poor driving record, concerns about liability may impact your job. Properly maintaining your rig is one way you can reduce your liability. According to Smart Trucking, some of the critical elements you should check include the following:

  • Tandem pins locked securely in place
  • Tires in good condition and properly inflated
  • Electrical connections and light function
  • Doors securely locked
  • Load properly and tightly fastened

A tug test can help you verify that you have properly connected your trailer to the cab to prevent dangerous mishaps such as your trailer disconnecting mid-drive.

Follow the law

Elements of a pre-trip inspection may vary depending on your employer. However, general aspects should always receive your attention because it is the law. As a truck driver, you uphold the responsibility of operating your big rig with attentiveness. Negligent mistakes can leave you facing fines if caught by the DOT and can also compromise your safety and the safety of others if an accident results from your actions.

When you consider the types of problems that you could catch during a careful pre-trip inspection, the time spent to do it seems insignificant. Your attentiveness in making sure your truck and trailer are in optimal working condition could make the difference in whether or not you arrive at your destination safely.