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Things to know about insurance companies after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2021 | Firm News

One of the things you will always have to do after a truck accident is deal with insurance companies. You will have to work with your insurer, but that should not be too big of a hassle, especially if you were not at fault. 

The issues begin when you have to deal with the other party’s insurer. At James F. Perrin, PLLC, we have a lot of experience going up against trucking company insurers. We know it can be tough dealing with them and getting a fair payout. 

Limit the payout

The main reason why it is difficult to deal with the truck’s insurance company is that, like any insurer, the company will try to do everything possible to reduce its liability. Insurance companies want to take in money, not pay it out. 

The insurer will not care if its insured party is responsible. That may help you get a higher settlement offer, but it will not make the insurer generous. You will have to fight for what it rightfully owes you. 

Use past experience

The other main issue of dealing with these insurance companies is that they have a lot of experience with such cases. This may be your first accident and likely the first accident with a truck. The insurer has a lot of power and many advantages over you because it knows what to expect. 

The insurer has a better idea of where to pick apart your claim. You may be unaware that things such as a tired or overworked driver could help your case, and the insurer is not likely to offer this up to you. You will have to learn a lot about truck accidents so that you can launch a solid fight. 

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