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What unsafe road conditions can lead to truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Firm News

Truck accidents do not always happen due to driver errors or other traffic issues. Sometimes, an accident is the result of a bad road condition.

Safe Roads USA explains that truck accidents could be the result of a few circumstances that make it more difficult to drive and that challenge drivers of vehicles of all sizes.

Poor road design

When engineers built some roads, they did not make them to allow safe traveling for large vehicles. They have inherently dangerous aspects, such as sharp turns, drop offs and blind curves. These issues were not a problem when the road originated because large trucks were not driving on them, but as time as gone by and truck traffic has increased, it is bringing these issues to light.

Poorly painted lines

When roadways do not have clear and distinct lines, it can make it easier for vehicles to lose track of where they need to be on the road. This is especially true when there is adverse weather that already makes it difficult to see the road. Highly visible lines can ensure vehicles stay in their proper lanes and avoid leaving the roadway accidentally.

Changes in road surface

It is common for engineers to use of different materials in different areas of the roadway. However, if they fail to warn drivers, it can lead to problems. Vehicles and tires can act differently when road surface changes, which requires the driver to make adjustments. A large truck needs more time to adjust, which means a surprise change in the pavement could result in a loss of control.