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Keeping yourself safe from toxic exposure in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Firm News

Many workers encounter hazardous chemicals every day at their workplace. Without proper education and safety measures in place, it is possible to suffer negative health effects from exposure to these toxic chemicals. 

We understand how toxic exposure laws apply in Texas and have helped many clients with their claims. Keep reading for more information on keeping yourself safe in the workplace. 

Finding out what toxic chemicals exist in your workplace 

FindLaw outlines some actions you can take to become aware of which chemicals may be toxic in your workplace. Most employers have a Material Safety Data Sheets collection of some sort. The MSDS should be in an accessible, conspicuous location in your workplace. The purpose of the MSDS is to detail which chemicals are present in the workplace, along with the proper procedures for handling the chemicals. Additionally, the MSDS will detail elements such as the toxicity of the chemical, what protective equipment you should utilize when working with the chemical, first aid procedures in case of an accident and the health effects of working with the chemical. 

Paying attention to labels 

In addition to the MSDS at your workplace, be sure to look at the labels of any chemicals you handle while you are at work. Something that is hazardous or toxic will generally have a warning label on its packaging. Aside from that, you will find instructions for first aid response if you accidentally get the chemical on your skin or eyes. Be sure to look for instructions about ventilation. If you use products that require good ventilation to be safe, be sure to follow those instructions.