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4 common causes of commercial trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Firm News

It is virtually impossible to drive in or around Lubbock without encountering at least one commercial truck. After all, drivers frequently use I-27 to transport essential goods throughout the region. While you can typically rely on a professional trucker to drive responsibly, you may eventually have a collision with an 18-wheeler. 

For a variety of reasons, truck accidents are often catastrophic. As such, if you have an accident involving a commercial truck, you may sustain significant injuries. Here are four common causes of commercial trucking accidents. 

  1. Driver fatigue

Fatigued driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. That is, driving with insufficient rest may impair a person’s driving abilities. To combat drowsy driving, federal regulations have strict resting requirements for commercial truck drivers. Unfortunately, though, if a driver disregards these requirements or otherwise drives without being fully alert, he or she may cause an accident. 

  1. Operator error

Commercial truck drivers typically receive extensive training. Still, operator error accounts for many truck accidents every year. Speeding, failing to yield and ineffective braking are some examples of operator error. 

  1. Truck maintenance

Commercial drivers have an incentive to keep their trucks in good working condition. On the other hand, because repairs can be expensive and time-consuming, truckers may elect to delay repairs or forgo them altogether. Regrettably, if there is a problem with a truck’s essential systems, a collision may be imminent. 

  1. Trucker distractions

Semitrucks may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, making them considerably larger and heavier than many other types of vehicles. Accordingly, commercial drivers should devote their full attention to operating their trucks. Mental, visual, manual or auditory distractions may divert a driver’s focus, endangering other motorists. 

While you may not be able to control how commercial truckers drive, you should understand why trucking accidents typically occur. Specifically, if an accident with a trucker leaves you with life-altering injuries, investigating the cause of the collision is likely critical. After all, you should not have to pay for someone else’s unsafe actions.