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Why does Highway 285 have such a bad reputation?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2020 | Firm News

Highway 285 is one of the busiest roads in Texas. It is a main route for trucks hauling oil from the fields to other parts of the country. With so much traffic and with many large trucks, this highway has gotten a horrible reputation. In fact, many people refer to it as death highway due to the large number of fatal accidents that occur every year on the roadway. 

The Dallas Morning News explains that the truck traffic is a major contributing factor to the high death toll on Highway 285. There is a high demand for drivers and not enough drivers to always fulfill the need. This leads to drivers behind the wheel who cannot drive safely. 

High demand 

There is a lot of work and not enough drivers to handle the workload. What this equates to is that drivers work longer hours more often. They may also feel pressure to get loads delivered faster. The pressure and heavy workload may lead to speeding and rushing to get the work done. 

New drivers 

There are not many veterans left in the field today, which means many of the drivers on the highway are new. They may not understand the demands of the job or know how to prepare themselves to handle the workload. This can lead to many accidents as these drivers often driver when drowsy or do not have the skills to avoid common accident scenarios. 

Unfavorable road conditions 

The growth and the amount of traffic on Highway 285 far surpass what the roadway is capable of handling. However, making updates, such as widening the road, takes time. Until construction is possible, it is difficult to stop accidents from occurring.