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When truck drivers struggle with fatigue

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Firm News

Truck drivers cause collisions for a host of reasons, but many of these accidents happen because of fatigue. Sometimes, truckers experience chronic fatigue, such as those who work far too many hours on a regular basis and those who have long-term sleep disorders. On the other hand, some truck drivers also experience temporary fatigue due to an unusually demanding day or one night of missing sleep. Either way, fatigue is very concerning and results in many serious collisions.

Because of the massive size of trucks, it is particularly concerning when drivers take to the road in a fatigued state that leaves them unable to handle driving responsibilities properly. Truckers who are drowsy are more likely to slam into another vehicle head-on, especially while going around turns, and truckers who are fatigued often go over the speed limit (accidentally or intentionally).

Sometimes, drivers try certain tactics to stay alert, such as drinking coffee. However, this is not a good substitute for getting the right amount of sleep or working a reasonable number of hours. Some trucking companies also push their drivers to work far too many hours, placing them in a dangerous position.

It is imperative for truck drivers to keep an eye out for signs of fatigue and stay off of the road if they are unable to drive safely. Sadly, many truck drivers ignore this advice and try to push through their drowsiness, endangering not only their own lives but many other lives as well. Our law office is committed to providing truck crash victims with helpful information and our website covers more.