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Mental trauma following an oil field accident

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Oil Field Accidents

Oil field accidents cause the loss of many lives and also leave workers with devastating physical injuries. However, the mental and emotional side of these accidents is often overlooked. Our law office knows that victims of oil field accidents often struggle with many different mental challenges in the wake of an accident, especially trauma that prevents them from returning to their former position and disrupts other aspects of their lives (sleep problems, anxiety disorders, etc.). It is imperative for oil field accident victims to take all issues into account while recovering from a serious incident.

After an oil field accident, a host of challenges are likely to arise. Victims sometimes experience short-term mental trauma and are eventually able to return to work after making a physical recovery. Others cannot work in this industry ever again due to persistent trauma, which poses new concerns (such as finding a suitable career path). In some instances, those injured in an oil field accident develop depression because of the hardships they are facing and high levels of stress are common as well. After all, dealing with medical costs, lost wages and the physical consequences of such an accident is very stressful.

By taking advantage of resources that are able to help, many victims of oil field accidents gain the ability to recover financially and emotionally. Our law firm recognizes the significant mental trauma that many workers sustain during these accidents and we know that it often lasts for months and even years afterward. Visit other parts of our site to read about other topics related to accidents that occur in oil fields.